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Just three simple steps to get your prize(s)

  1. Sign Up :

    You always can Register an account on our service by entering a user name (YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO ENTER THE ACTUAL GAME USER NAME) , a password and your email address in the registration page or in the quick registration window on the sidebar
  2. Collect Points :

    After finishing registration go to the earn points page and start collecting some points in order for you to redeem your favorite prize.
  3. Redeem your Prize(s) :

    After you collect the appropriate amount of points that's equivalent to your preferred prize, go to the redeem prize page and select your prize then you will get it in 3 days or less.

Scope On Our Prizes

Gaia Online Gold

It's our most popular and claimed gift,We recommend you that instead of buying them you can always get it free,don't forget to enter your username(only) or submit via email to our support team so they can forward the gold to your account.

Free Gaia Online Premium Items

Our services provides premium items for winners, after collecting the appropriate amount of points, choose a premium item from the select box on the prizes page and fill in your gaia user name in the description box in order to be able to deliver the item for you.

GaiaOnline Cash

More than two thousands users asked for gaia cash as a prize actually it is the most asked prize in our service. the steps to get this prize as same as described above.

Points & Prizes :

30 points = 6000 gaia gold.
40 points = 8000 gaia gold.
50 points = 10000 gaia gold.
70 points = 14000 gaia gold.
80 points = 2 GaiaOnline Cash Card.
40 points = 1 GaiaOnline Cash Card.
60 points = 1 Gaia Premium Item.
180 points = Custom Your Prize(Gold, Cash, Items .... Whatever you want).
You need 40 points before you can redeem a prize.
Note : You will get free 10 points directly after registration.

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